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What's in a name

But in this case, while placing my tongue firmly in my cheek, I make an exception. The bible tells us of an event where the Apostle spoke for so long into the night that a young man, drifting off and falling asleep, sitting by a window, eventually succumbed to deep sleep, in the process actually falling out of the window.  That window was on the third story of the place where the believers were gathered to hear Paul speak, and the young man was killed when he struck the ground from such a high fall. The Apostle Paul ran to him and prostrating himself upon the young lad and praying for him, the Apostle resurrected him. The private jest I employed in my title is a play, chiding my readers with a chuckle, implying I might, though, identify with the long-winded, and perhaps even boring. enough, aspects and be able to go on long enough that someone could fall asleepHopefully, not while sitting anywhere too dangerous though. ;) 

I'm so often called "Apostle Paul".  Of course, I am very quick to humbly affirm, I am not worthy to be called any such thing. The Apostle Paul wrote most of the new testament and is a pillar of doctrine and a life truly lived out in absolute dedication and sacrificially to our Lord, I have a long long way to go, and never feel very good about being compared to the man, the Apostle, Paul of biblical fame.

About me

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You can be faithful to God, without being religious to people! I'm Just living the Good Life!

It took me decades to learn what happened to me back in 1985 when I knelt to the floor in my little apartment and invited Jesus to come into my heart as my Lord.


I wasn't instantly transformed into a victorious powerhouse for God. I struggled with error and sin in my life for many years, but one common denominator remained the same, I was changed.


Even after answering the call to ministry years after I still struggled and had many failures, but, again, one common factor has remained consistent throughout the years. I was, and remain dramatically changed.

I am a new man today because I was changed forever when I got saved. I'm "Born-Again", a Christian. To this very day God continues to transform my life by His love, mercy and grace. I asked Him, "Lord, what happened that cold winter afternoon when I prayed that sinner's prayer and

asked you in? What was it Lord, that forever changed me?"  He told me simply,.. "it was My Love."


God's love transformed me, His touch on my life is the source I owe for each and every blessing that fills my life and my days. I want to invite you to do the same today, ask Jesus to come into your heart and be the Lord of your life. Now I love, as God loves me. I never deserved it, but I am so glad He loves me. And that's the love I offer you right here and right now. A love that you might not understand at first, but a love that will change you.


The Christian life is "the good life!"  And I don't regret a mile I've walked for Jesus since the day He came into my heart. My faith informs my everyday actions, who I am, my business, how I relate to my family, my neighbors, and the wider community.

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