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There is a disease far worse than COVID-19 or what they call "the Novel-CORONA Virus".

And, this affliction is worse by quantum measures than COVID-19 because it infects and kills the intents and resolve of GOOD PEOPLE who start out in earnest, with high hopes of being the champion for their people. An infection leaves them sterilized with a fresh and deadly condition that results in the complete alteration of their perspective on and opinion of the same people they had previously hoped to serve as a champion to their cause.

The disease I refer to is the affliction of "Collegiality". This virus infects those who start out down the road of politics, usually with the origins being something akin to "I'm not a politician, but I want to make a difference" which is the right idea. To, start, that is.

However, once the road has been taken, the battle to be elected won, this is usually about where the virus finds a vulnerable victim and the pathogen sets into its predatory destruction of the moral foundation of one's soul setting deeply into the mind and spirit of a politician and causing the complete forgetting of the constituents who empowered them in politics.

Once an infected individual has been elected, "Legislative-i-fied", "Caucus-i-fied", and "Parliamentary-ized" the effects of their new orientations completed fully and now having begun their "Career" in politics as a full-on "Politician" then the damages from the virus can be clearly observed.

You can see it in the way the victim shifts their value system from caring about what their constituents think of them and of how they are represented by them, and about their elected's performance and career, to the infected caring more about how their peers and superiors-now view their performance.

It's a very tragic and extremely deadly disease that the vast majority never fully recover from.


Some seem to resist the virus or evolve to build a tolerance approaching immunity, but most do not. These are almost always socially ejected from the mass of collegiates.

Historically speaking, only those who learn to completely go against the pressure of conformity to party policy when it fails to reflect the wishes of constituents are ever brought back from the brink of death from the infection.

Many who have involved themselves in the politics of a province have made out well swimming against the stream, rejecting the status quo - when it's the right thing to do - and standing up for the people. Made out quite well actually, and truly becoming champions of the people. I am remiss to start naming them and then relating their accomplishments that endeared each to their base since that could result in a lengthy novel. But look up past heroes.

Sadly, so many who involve themselves in politics only think of the legacy they will leave behind with their peers or superiors, choosing to go along with status quos to satisfy their ambitions and goals. Chiefly deciding their first goal was to become a politician, then aspiring to fill roles in their party. Truth be told, serving the people is about standing up to peers and superiors not towing party lines.

How marvelous and amazing would it be if SOMEBODY would step out from the crowd and lead a charge "for the people". Stand up, give the people Ivermectin, vitamin D, etc. eradicate the virus. There are inexpensive but reliable and very simple, workable treatments that could easily allow us to be rid of this COVID-19 virus. They are not supported by big pharma. No. There is no money in that for them. But the treatments do indeed work.

If SOMEONE would stand up as a leader and do this, wow, what a champion for the people that SOMEONE could be.

Too bad, the present crowd of bureaucrats and politicians in Alberta, and elsewhere are so filled with sick, dying victims of collegiality, passing on the deadliest virus on earth to each other and anyone new that comes along. Unfortunately, I think in the end, this thing is going to go to a new, modern-day, full-on civil war ending with Alberta's independence.

Too bad.

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