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Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD...

Updated: May 8

"...though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it."

That's Isaiah Chapter 1 vs. 18. Tough words to a rebel. We'd do well to read the whole chapter. The church isn't used to hearing harsh or threatening messages anymore. We've given ourselves over to fool-headed ideas that seem to be more prone to groom us into looking for satisfaction right here on earth, giving up on any promise of heavenly inheritance in the kingdom of God in an eternal heavenly home. What good sheople we have become. But today I call you back to your first love. I urge you to wake up, and I call you to repent. Get right with God!

I'm not against "prosperity". That's the bulk of what is preached today. And I want to prosper and I also want to be prosperous. But I am reminded of the Word in Mark chapter 8 and vs. 36: "What does a man profit if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" God help us!

Mainly the church on earth as a whole is being -- and by and large continues to be -- sucked into the devil's lies. Globalism. New World Order. Going, Green. Carbon Footprints. New Norms. Global Commissions. All language, which, feeds the souls of those getting stoked by the pursuit of the idea of "fitting into society/narratives/groups." That's the payload for a great, great many.

Considering that a "Compromised Christianity" in testimony and action is a new and "comfortable religion" that allows its adherents to be both pious yet still able to be "inclusive" and fit in with society's most popular trends. Safe spaces, inclusivity-driven, seeker-sensitive social clubs. Everything goes. The cold Godlessness (when it really comes down to it, that is exactly what it is) is NOT about doing what is right or not doing that which is wrong and displeasing to God, but it is about doing what does not upset the system and the community.

So many who live like this couldn't recognize God's anointing if it sat on the end of their nose and wriggled madly! Talent has replaced genuine "Anointing" and the people of earth are okay with services where God doesn't even show up, thinking they have had him visit because they all danced and sang. They can do it all without Him. (God forbid!)

Their leaders know how to sing a song, say a prayer, when to have a poem, and when to have a point. No need for the Holy Spirit, they can navigate the service by themselves. No waiting for His leading. No cry for His direction, His moving. How did we EVER get to this?

I can't even move without His leading. I have learned when it's Spirit and when it's flesh. The fleshly move makes my whole being sick. I can't stand it. I have to move in God in all that is done for Him. We need to get back to our first love, loving God, His Spirit, His Word, His Ways, His Testimonies, His Leading, and His precepts! Him! Not loving doing what we believe we can do so well for Him, but doing rather, what HE leads us to do. Total surrender to Him. This life we live is NOT about US, it's entirely about HIM!

So, so many worldliness acolytes, want to just go along to get along. Despite bearing the name or testimony of Jesus, they still value being popular over being right with God. Don't upset the apple cart. When what we should be doing is coming fully out of Egypt (the World.) and being a separated people, sanctified, set apart for God. Put HIM first. Spend humbled-down time on your knees, seeking His presence, getting filled, once you have feasted on His genuine article presence, you won't be able to stand any other substitute.

Instead of "church" "being" all about Christians "getting" all they want, and "being" all they can "be" how about we return to our first love and humble down onto our knees? How about gripping the horns of the altar tightly, praying earnestly, holding on as long as it takes, and repenting until coming from within the deepest depths of our spirit man our loudest cry is "Come Lord Jesus!" "Come quickly, Lord!" "I don't want anything this world has to give, this world is not my home, I'm just passing through, a pilgrim in a distant land, my soul is longing for home, to be together with you Lord!"

I can't sit in any church anymore and just act like we've heard from God when there is no change! It's hypocritical. We haven't heard from God. Not if there are not any real signs or wonders that follow.

I can't do it anymore. I won't do it anymore. Sunday after Sunday goes by and hardly anybody has LIFE-CHANGING evidence of a Holy Ghost Experience. Churches, letting people without any anointing, who act NOTHING like Christ, get into leadership, God forbid.

Today it almost seems everyone who falls into the doors of the church wants to run off and instantly be a minister, a singer, or a song leader/musician. Looking for that taste, or that sense of stardom, instead of falling at the foot of the cross and picking up the yoke and becoming a servant. A true call to ministry will always be fruitful, but serving and learning, building a strong foundation and solid base in God's Word, becoming a well-studied worker/servant who needs not be ashamed, "RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF TRUTH"?? That is MANDATORY! We have to have such a spirit. And because we really don't, the church is in such danger of fading to nothing. Having NO impact. We don't want to "SAVE THE WORLD", no, we want to SAVE THE LOST OUT OF THE WORLD".

Read Acts Ch. 2 vs. 47.

Notice that God; "adds such as should be saved, to the church". We don't ever see those who get saved return to the world now that they are changed, looking for their place to "fit in". 2nd Peter Ch. 3 vs. 10 tell us that; "The "world" will one day be melted with fervent heat, the works within burned up. A new earth and a new heaven ultimately replace the old."

Peter even goes on and asks us in vs. 11: "Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness?" Think about it. What sort of people SHOULD we be? Only God can bring us through to that. No amount of "reinventing ourselves", or psychology, or copping the right attitude will do it. We need a Holy Ghost Overhaul from the top of our head (our "crown") right to the floor, and we need to "lay our crowns" down at Jesus' feet NOW!

Read Proverbs 14:12-16 KJV

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, But the end thereof are the ways of death."

It's You. Stop looking at others to blame.

Pastors/Shepherds who run the numbers, looking to adjudicate their organization and trying their best at being "fair to everyone". Are missing it. They are building "MEN'S" KINGDOMS". Often they become little more than Islands unto themselves. Caretakers are no longer shepherds willing to leave the 99 to redeem the 1 they have lost that kind of heart if they ever had it. They are loners never really trusting anyone else other than themselves. And never really getting anywhere either. If that is you? I have news for you. It's YOU! Stop looking all over to lay the blame on others. It's you.

God's kingdom is NOT democratic. The church is no commune of fair and evenly spread out routines or responsibilities distributed on people so as to validate them or reward them or just to keep them busy so they will be urged to stick around. No, if you are doing this stop! These people fill the truly God-called servant's place and only wreak havoc and division in the camp. They will drain your strength and kill your spirit because you have enabled them to become wrapped up in something that is just not God. What a shame.

We can't operate on a premise that tries to employ us intellectually, just so as we can all feel that we are getting some obscure "chance to be used". "So we all feel good about ourselves". Nonsense! This is not God, and not the way for the assembly! Not at all. God's Kingdom is a MONARCHY!!! A THEOCRACY!!! Jesus is Lord, King, and Master. He's either Lord, King, and Master - Or He has become absent from you!

ICHABOD interjection. Ich·​a·​bod. ˈikəˌbäd. used to express regret for departed glory.

At that point, all you do is now run around with your own "ideas" of what "should be". And that will never be a good substitute for God's true will and intention for His Church. Instead, it must be "HE SAYS-SO LET IT BE!!" THIS, is the only way, and must be what satisfies the pastorly pallet. You can't successfully operate any ministry just by being nice to people. Commonly called "a people-pleaser".

Remember, "Many are Called! Few are chosen." I suspect it's like this because the "many" are so often prone to self-service. Not sold-out servanthood.

God calls His men and women to that servanthood on purpose. His purpose. It's not random, or all willy-nilly! He has a plan! Just as I know intimately what my calling is, and the nature of what my labor is intended to be and this all confirmed by God, and further confirmed by those around me in myriad ways, He does NOT leave us wallowing in uncertainty. lost in indecision of flailing on a limb. He leads us. He has designed our path and faithfully leads us in it.

I hear so many say they love, for example, to sing for the Lord, Awesome! But a strong cautionary word to you, first, are you actually called to be a worship leader? Just because you love to sing or play for the Lord and can sing all night long does not mean God has called you to do so.

In fact, far too much has been lost in services because the worship team feels that by turning the service over to the preacher they "quench the spirit". Hog-wash. The Word and the WORD being preached, are paramount to EVERY service. It's much more important than the music. The music only opens a way to higher heights or deeper depths and feeds our soulish realm. The praise, the worship, are like exclamation marks for the WORD!!! the Word feeds the Spirit and straightens our crooked paths. Only when the two are both yielded to His Holy Spirit is the balance found and God's will accomplished.

About that hungry desire you have to be leading... Have you learned to be led yet? Can you yourself, follow yet? If you don't know how to follow, or how to serve another's vision before you jump into leadership? You may need to come to your senses and confess it's more that you do what you do for yourself, not for God. Repent! Make it right. It has to be God. Are you just as much in love bowing before Him and busy-ing yourself in labors that pay you no glory as well? Jobs and chores where there are no lights, and no one to praise YOU for YOUR gifting? Think about it.

How about sweeping up the church? Refilling the toilet paper dispenser, giving ppl rides to service? Just because you can sing, does not mean you are meant to sing. You have to seek and learn what HIS will is in the matter.

At the outset of my own ministry, I was able to sing quite quickly. I learned to play a mean guitar too. And I was being used a lot to sing & lead worship services. Everyone said I should be a worship leader. But soon along my early path, God told me clearly I was to lay down the worship ministry and that is exactly what I did.

For four years I never picked up a guitar publically in that whole season. In fact, I don't know that I even played it one time in my private life either. And I was just as happy to be about God's business in the other jobs He had for me. Cleaning the church, giving ppl rides, and being an encouragement to others.

Then one evening while immersed in the Word, studying and fellowshipping with The Lord, I experienced an intense desire to worship Him. I went to my room and shut in and bowed on the floor and just began worshipping Him. Bowed down there by the bedside, hands and heart mind and soul outstretched in worship to the God I adore, I had a physical visitation from Jesus.

It was that evening that He told me He would use me to bring His people into His presence. He gave me the call to become a Worship leader. Until that moment I did not think that was my calling ever since He'd asked me to lay it down. It filled my soul with great joy and I rejoiced to faithfully answer His call. And it was then I realized He was testing me. To see if I could be faithful, to see that my character was such that it was about more than MY gifting or abilities. He found me faithful, and I have not looked back since that day.

That's why I don't fidget with overheads or scramble for sheets with words all the time. I am busy focused on more than the wall and giving ppl words to look at. I'd rather focus on hearing in the Spirit, following His leading, and looking for a Holy Spirit encounter.

It may not be as popular with those who just want to sing pretty songs and the usual or new songs they like, but it is the right place to be when God is ready to move. He is more than a song, He wants our attention. And He wants our full attention and all of our hearts.

He wants our spirit to be filled with His. Immersed in Him, and our hearts to CRY OUT... "Come Lord Jesus! Come quickly."
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