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Updated: Sep 9, 2021

At the debate, one smiled away, almost like he's clueless, "everything is fine, just elect me"... while the other smirks, acting as though he thinks it's "in the bag" like he thinks he's untouchable. Let's hope he isn't. Frightening options, I know. But I am setting out to give my own approach to how I'm voting this round and to try to explain, why I am doing so.

I love my country, I actually get some flack from friends for not saying, "I love my province", which I do. I love Alberta, but sorry friends, I'm Canada first. I am not a seperatist. Hey, listen, Alberta, my province, is part of Canada, my country. And when I have gone back to read about the days before I was born, a "Canadian", a "Manitoban", and now today, living as an "Albertan", all of it is a pride that I boast of that starts from Canada. I do love this country, and it breaks my heart to see it so madly ripped apart, first by rabid political corruption, then by the exploitations of the common flu bug, and now again, by political corruption.

There must be a change for this nation to prosper, to heal, and to return to being the greatest country on earth. I have no idea how that happens exactly, but we do need some positive change. I imagine it begins by halting the flow of a tyrannical leader being in power. We need someone who is good with common sense ideas in charge of our nation. Not someone who kowtows to gender confusion, PLANDEMIC, UN pandering, and who is rampantly out of control ethically, leading the charge committing violation after violation and not being reprimanded for his actions. Okay. Yes. But I digress.

Now, I'm told that masks have become mandatory again this week. In fact, many are saying that "it's dangerous to not wear a mask". Well, right now, that's the least of the dangers I'm seeing. I disagree, but despite the fact, I earnestly disagree with the mask thing, principally I see through these lies to a truer danger that "really threatens me", and needs my attention.

I'm talking about the fact that a country that stops you from thinking, reasoning, and acting is much more dangerous. And Justin Trudeau is doing his best to bring us there. A country that replaces the options of thinking for yourself, reasoning with the present facts, and acting in good faith on those facts, with a "do as I say, think what I tell you to think and be rejected, destroyed, marked, or ostracised viciously if you do not conform" policy. That, right there, is far more dangerous than masks, worn or not.

For pity's sake! Are we here again? Mask up if you like, but I am a decent, thinking, reasoning, adult. I have read the proof and evidence of the inabilities of masks to protect me in any presence of a virus with my own eyes and know the actual truth on this issue. Wake up people, again, masks only help sick people reduce the spray and spread of their saliva by trapping it on their face. We don't need to debate this anymore. Time for action.

The minute I am shamed publically for refusing to wear a mask or produce a vaccination card/ID and refused service, as a result, will be the minute I become the author of a very expensive law-suit against those injuring me and heaping shame on me for not allowing those maddening, baseless, out of control, power-hungry manipulators to force me to do something that is dangerous for my own health. One -- masks become dirty and unhealthy, prolonged wear causes reduced and unhealthy oxygen consumption, skin irritations, and respiratory issues. Two -- I have had the virus, and a variant already. I have natural antibodies just the same as someone vaccinated, only arguably, better natural antibodies. Taking the vaccinations poses life-threatening risks I am not prepared to take.

I plan to go along in my life being careful to respect the rights of others. Respect for other people is just living right. Respect for the decisions, and wishes of others so far as those rights, decisions, and wishes do not cause any harm or injustice to me and mine. I mean harm of course. Real harm, not just annoyance.

Don't get me wrong though, I respect the rights of maskers to mask as much as I respect the rights of those who choose not to mask. I respect the rights and wishes of those who are vaxxers, and conversely the rights and wishes of those who prefer not to, like myself. I believe this is the only winning attitude.

I won't sit still for those who are maskers trying to make me wear one though. That is just not cool. But, things like that aside, I will keep on keeping on operating like this until someone crosses my lines and I experience the cost of shame and exclusion to the degree I am no longer willing to put up with. Then, at that point, I will retaliate. It will be a hefty lawsuit and one I plan to win heartily. I pick my battles. I will pick this one carefully too. Maybe, just maybe, I won't ever need to, I truly hope I don't. Maybe just maybe, a little sanity will return to society before I'm faced with such a war. there I said that about that, and in the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that".

No, the real concern for all Canadians presently, is the political argument. And not at all related to COVID/MASKS/LOCKDOWNS etc. No, it's politics. Politics as relates to this upcoming election. Again, to be clear, choosing a candidate to vote for can't be about COVID issues or Vaccination issues. No way. These are simply squirrels, thrown out by the left. Like the US elections, anyone can tell you plainly, had COVID not happened, Trump would have been re-elected in a heartbeat. Instead, bat-snot-cold&flu is sprayed into the air by Foucci or Pelosi, or maybe it was Gates, (kidding here) but you catch my drift, "SQUIRREL"It's no different here. If we allow ourselves to become distracted by the truest issue, which is the need to get rid of Trudeau we will have failed, and fallen for the grand distractions.

I didn't support O'Toole in his bid for leadership of the CPC. I supported Dr. Leslyn Lewis. I am not a fan at all. I like someone strong on the pro-life issue. Although, even those painting Erin O'Toole as pro-choice, fail to recognize he voted in favor of Bill C-225 a bill that would have provided legal personhood to fetuses as separate victims of crime when a pregnant woman is attacked. (duh, great bill, no brainer hello? Of course.) And he was designated by the abortion maniacs coalition of Canada, (I can't even believe there exists such a thing, but there is.) as an "Anti-Choice" person in 2016.

But right now, no matter what else you could be thinking about Erin O'Toole for Prime Minister, the polls and those in the know put him at a lead in the race for Canada's leadership office. And one thing he is not that among those who presently run in this race which puts him at the top of my ballot... ?? He is NOT Trudeau! Anyone who is not a rampant leftist is the very someone we need to win. That is all that this election is about.

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