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anti-body passports

So I have a question. If vaccines are for training your immune system to deal with a virus, by way of introducing "anti-bodies" into your system, anti-bodies, which know how to or learn how to deal with a viral attack to your body's many systems, and since a person's body naturally produces anti-bodies after organically fighting off a virus as well, then, should not those who test and evidence a definite presence of anti-bodies as well also be recognized as immune from COVID-19?

Since we are going to grant extra privileges to those who take the vaccine, let's grant the same exact privileges to those who have caught and recovered from COVID-19 naturally, developing the same anti-bodies as those who have been immunized by one of the several vaccines available. I mean, since a person who has had a vaccine, and a person who has naturally contracted COVID and whose body has fought it off are basically in identical conditions, shouldn't we then recognize that the immunity attributes of both these people are in the same state of health? It just makes sense.


I wondered about this recently. It just occurs to me that people with the anti-bodies present, who have fought off the virus, possibly passing it on to others and maybe even not having any clue at all that they have been infected. A "herd-immunity" develops just like that. I'm willing to bet this is the case with much of our population. The population at large will eventually catch the virus and allow their bodies to deal with it naturally.

If those "health-authorities-that-be" would not be willing to treat both these types of individuals the same, then I dare say we'd do well to chalk this albeit hypothetical speculation, up to further evidence that medical realities have NEVER governed the government's handling of the VIRUS EMERGENCY. In other words, this virus, its presence, and "two weeks to lower the curve" are "plan-demic" realities much more political than medical.


Presently, our news media is full of this topic. So many people today are arguing which is better "Natural Immunity vs. Vaccine Immunizations". And although interesting, that is NOT what I want my article to be about. Although I can provide you the best references on the web that deal with just that argument, that is not the point that I am looking at writing about today.

Here is an especially exceptional Israeli medical study (considered the gold standard of studies on this matter) on the comparison of the two immuno-based methods. And I will put the link for that one here , but again, that is not what this post is about. It's about something else.


Passports. Rewards, opening up life, travel, fun, industry and everything else that has been promised to the vaccinated, should also be promised and granted for those who have the same antibodies as those who have them jabbed or injected in with needles into themselves. Rightfully, we should definitely recognize these people as every bit as safe, if not safer than those who get the antivirus in a vaccine.

I say we should. Without doubt or reservation. Oh yeah, I do! It's emphatically yes, we should!

And I have a secondary point to make as well. It's this: If we don't do so? Then I suggest anyone of that mind stop acting like this has anything at all to do with medicine. It's clearly not about medicine for those people. No, it's about politics and a social infection of abuse and tyranny.

Back to my links for a second. If you are at all interested in the actual facts and science related to the issue then check these amazing threads out. It's all here if you are ready to apply a little study energy.

Charles Brewer, May 17th, 2021. Here is a summary of his man's research and studies on comparison of Natural Vs. Vaccines. (The Twitter thread containing all relevant links to the facts and science-based studies and research.

Monica Gandhi MD, MPH. April 4th, 2021. Here is this medical experts' Twitter thread: On more efficacy studies and studies focused on longevity of natural anti-bodies. Addresses the question: "should I get vaccinated if I have had #covid19"? the Dr. says this: Fair question given that immunity likely long-lived from natural infection per this study from Drs. Weiskopf, Sette, & Shane Crotty from the La Jolla Institute for Immunology


Since we are rewarding people for getting poked with vaccines, and good Lord, we are even stuping so low in Canada as to offer a vaccine lottery. The foolish government is prepared to take a million dollars, yes, a MILLION, I did say a million, 6 zeros, of TAX MONEY no less, and pay that to somebody for getting vaccinated!

Now try to tell me Big Pharma isn't making literally a "Killing" here. (terrible pun intended) I wanted to ask you to consider if any actual immunity is the goal, or is it something else? Are we looking to see people freed to travel, live unobstructed and rewarded for being less prone to infection? Or are we just looking for a way to change people and to change society by and large? Looking to force "new norms" on society.

Are we looking to force people into "new norms" that the left has concocted and using vaccination passports as the bait? All I'm saying is that if this is medical, and the concerns for society's safety are truly the intent of lockdowns, masking, and social distancing just to name a few new norms, and it's not a political revolution, then ANYONE who is prone to being less vulnerable to infections, ought to be rewarded with a pass as well.

I am advocating for "Natural-Antibody Recognition of Immunity" as well. Make me a passport that opens up all of society for me as well when I demonstrate that my body has the same anti-bodies present that vaccinated people have. Without the needle.

Just a thought today, since I am MORE concerned about the medicine, the facts, the science, and our God-given, charter-protected freedoms than I am about the politics involved in this mess.

end. //pg.

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