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pandemic - better considered a world interrupted

With no wish to minimize the suffering of those impacted by COVID-19, nor any who've died, their surviving loved ones, and the communities forever and immutably changed by the losses. Yet with all deference to those in the past, and now, who truly are in grave danger to their health from contact or risk of contact with the deadly influenza virus of 2019 from an acute attack on the human respiratory system, there still must be a return to normal.

It should seem unthinkable that we are to be dictated to by the "Politically Correct" of today while the world is caught reeling from this pandemic, and yet they do. And worst still, do so all while falling in love with new ideas for our society that leave out God, they also leave out the sanctity of the work that our Churches do, [an "essential service" if there ever was one] and even simply, "Christianity" itself, from their new equation. Yet, that is precisely what they do, and appears to be a vital part of their "new-norm" and the many growing sentiments against Christian faith today.

Governor Cuomo, for example, [recently referenced] a "lowered, pandemic-related COVID-19 effects curve-- as being "only the work of man". [saying] that "God did not stop the spread of the virus." [Emphatically] Can he be blamed? And why not boldly take that tact? How many people today actually still believe in the power of prayer? How many actually believe in God even?

The answer that that should be, and I personally think, is, is "many". And the pressing need right now is for those men and women [of faith] young and old who do trust in God, and the power of prayer, to stand up to Cuomo and those just like him, his whole bullying crowd and put an end to their hypocritical harassments. We must stand tall and defy those that would push us off of the foundation of our faith while trying to win that age-old war that has been trying to force the church at large to hand over the whole world in a handbasket to atheists and globalists.



This hatred for Christians, God, and the church and the many and varied attacks are getting old. I'm growing bored and tired of their sound. I am so much more intrigued by new voices that are starting to express a desire for the return to normal. It's high time an effort to re-open our lives and society again comes along. There are suggestions starting to surface that we should indeed begin to open up this lock-down. And I like it.


Among the call from those who are surfacing, to move forward you won't find anyone calling for radical removal of safe health practices. Not at all. The move is in no way a call for an abject return from all social distancing, but rather reasonable measures that are advised for those of our elderly and the otherwise vulnerable who may still need to isolate themselves. A plan of action that provides a reasonable and carefully planned out, controlled return by healthy and willing folks to the adventures and privilege, the passions of the pursuit of a career, of life, and of prosperity and success.


With no disrespect to those above, there is still an overwhelming invasion by a faction of band-wagoneers who seem to LOVE that we have to social distance and lock-down. These radicals are in no hurry to get back to life as it was. If you ask me, they are all too ready to fashion a new-norm that is subtly propped up with their own ideals and self-serving interests in formatting policies, rules, guidelines, and ultimately new laws. And they are besties with [sell-out] MSM who are linked up with Liberals to disseminate false information.

MSM | Guilty of pushing fake news

If you have a Facebook account check out this passionate plea from Bob Blayone to take the Canadian incumbent MSM with a grain of salt too, featured on the Slave Lake [Alberta] and Area Political Discussion page. An Alberta discussion page with more than 400 members. [Pictured below]

I'm sorry, but while I heartily comply with social distancing, along with sound comprehensive reasoning regarding isolating and just plain good common sense, when it and while it IS the right thing to do because I believe that's what decent people are supposed to do. But c'mon! This is a horrible way forward. And to be completely honest, I despise having to do so. Any sane person would. But there are serious dangers blithely following others who present themselves as "the authority" and juxtaposition themselves into power positions and bureaucratic influence, especially when given the levels of political corruption rife throughout our country. So, as I've said, and many say, trust, but check.


I have never liked the term "Pandemic". If the truth is to be told, we are actually better considered to be a world, interrupted! Right? And the worst part of this is, that the dangers to all [of us] are mostly found among the losing left. Libs, progressives, what-have-you, who have been constantly losing every political argument and race across Canada for the last few years.

Conservatives are starting to return fire and are growing less patient with the foolishness and obvious agendas that smack of communism or other liberal ideologies rampant among their many special interest groups. It's sad that you can then play connect the dots and you are led again to the PM's office, or The Tide's Foundation, or the United Nations, Paris Accord, Agenda 21, Event 201, Operation Lock-Step. ad-infinitum, ad-nauseam.

The good news though, is that more and more Conservatives are confronting them. And essentially they've been foiled. Unfortunately, this "pandemic" provides a tool for them to distract from their track record and a shadow to regroup under. [imho] The Liberals and progressives are facing a soon coming election while they are constantly and blatantly being exposed for who, and what they really are.

I submit that what they really are is shameless opportunists, madly hungry for power, and ready to do anything to win. They are insane. If we have learned anything during the recent Alberta provincial elections, and the Federal reign of the despot Trudeau, it's that they don't care about truth, or for doing the right thing, they just want to win. And the left are the same all across the planet. None of the pandemic and everything that has been engaged to fight this pandemic has changed the fact that the leftist agenda is still horrid at best.


What we are doing now, the closing of our industries, shuttering small businesses, isolating ourselves, pushing back our loans, deferring various payments and laying off our people, CAN'T GO ON FOREVER!

This newest shiny toy [social-distancing] has been useful, and for many who appreciate the associated projects like "social-streaming", along with discovering new ways to interact, it's been a tremendous and useful exercise, but one that can't last forever.

Those who are loving the evolutions and prospects of "new norms" right now? Well, they just won't be denied. And they are prepared to shame the ever-lovin crap out of you if you open your mouth too. Social distancing and Social streaming? Permanently? In place of assembly? Where shaking hands, hugging necks, even occasionally getting kisses on the cheek, congregating together, giving friends and folks whom you haven't seen for a while a robust embrace and the many other simple acts of socially interacting, these are all aspects of an amazing Canadian life that we have come to love and enjoy. I want it back! Even more than just us, but all over the world, really, we are going to soon need to get back to those pleasures and joys.

Correct me please, [if I'm wrong] but I haven't seen the movement to "reopen and return" by anyone on the left yet. It seems this is a sentiment of the right. The capitalists on the right who are starting to express the common-sense that it's time to halt this lock-down. Government is good, but at the end of the day, someone has to pay for it all. Freedom to make a living and prosper is necessary for survival. It seems like it's more the progressive's attitude to stall. To stay locked-down. To waste away waiting on a vaccine, a new approach to conform, changing society as a whole into some obscure fantasy with "new-norms" where there are no risks of being infected, a new regulated life that will be doled out by big-brother, or the government with the full team of regular actors and the bureaucrats because they know what's best for us. Give me a break! Puleeease! [eye-rolling going on in here, and lot's of it]

This really gets me, burns me up actually, how eager people can be, so fearful, and unquestioningly prepared to loyally display their compliance with anything the hive queen throws their way. The leftists, and their quest for a stranglehold on our society, the WHO, the UN along with their affiliated associates and delegates. It is, or soon will be a mad rush for control. And that's not too surprising, but it's also the degree of vitriolic venom their subjects are ready to spew at anyone who dares to express any sort of independent thinking on this matter that makes me so mad about it all.

I'm sorry, but I won't be led by them. No way! I did not, am not, and will never, just roll over for this. Nope! I am not willing to "go quietly into the night" and offer the left, who have entirely exposed their depth of depravity and vileness throughout the last couple of years, (Think people who are Canadian or otherwise, the likes such as Trudeau, Climate Barbie, Butts, Nancy Pelosi, Schiff-ty Adam Schiff, Schumer, Nadler etc. etc. etc.) to convince me they know what's best for me, for us, or society. No, not on your life.

I love a good conspiracy. True, I confess. Guilty, if charged with it! But of late many ideas that were formerly chalked up to being just "conspiracy-lore" have borne out to be true life conspiracies and inane tragedies. A PM? Guilty of Crimes? No way, couldn't happen. Could it? Paying off a young student to silence a sexual scandal? The Kokanee Groper? Ethics Violations? JWR and SNC Lavalin Scandal? Alberta's land-locked bitumen resources? Just read the work of Vivian Krauss. The Carbon fiasco? "Toronto-snob-ians", and the Quebec Laurentians, truly possessing a hatred for the West? No, it just seems that way! Boy, do we ever know better now!

Western Alienation which was thought to exist only in the minds of the paranoid few is now known to be as real as the Sun that rises in the East and sets in Canada's West. So many real conspiracies, that were once considered too fantastic to believe, that those who worked and continue working so hard to expose were also once upon a time relegated to the "crazy-corner" of society. Called Conspiracy-Theorist [nuts]. Well, we sure do know better than that now, don't we?

At one time, no one could have surmised the depths of the scandal and their actions taken by these criminals hiding in plain sight within our government or government-regulated projects that were proved out to be much less theory than actual fact. So many conspiracies, the related conspirators and the truth about their crimes have overwhelmingly, and undeniably turned out to be cold hard fact. And I am pretty sure, events today are ripe with just as much scandal and conspiracy. Time will tell.

To that point, I have thought that the past few years have provided us with event after event that consistently expose the ambitious leftist movement across North America for what they really are, globalist, NWO-types, even communists, who share a common narrative that pushes for power and control of the globe. Sad that so many would politicize or seek to leverage even this present pandemic. Think I'm another nutty conspiracy theorist type? Well, you go, knock yourself out. The recent past says you are part of the grand coverup then. And if you don't like my saying so, please feel free to browse away. Don't bother commenting, you can just move along.

With the internet, decent thinking Canadians are able to follow the money, and see who benefits from the pandemic. That is an exercise that might shock you. You can get to the bottom of these truths fairly easily, and I think safe to say, pretty reliably these days. Seeing many of the things I've seen these past five or so years, I am certain that history will soon show that I am right. There is much cause for alarm in the pandemic madness, and a clarion call to diligence, scrutiny, and to be on the lookout for political corruption within it.

"They" [they] "weren't getting it done" with any "Global Warming Panic-Science" that was the battle cry for decades. [They] had to move on to another plan. In creating a heightened issue, their global warming turned into an "existential global crisis" [they] even employed a super-scary 16 yr old pundit, who'd do a world tour, and scold the adults, and that was too transparent also, in the end failing. Falling flat and fizzling out. Ah, but unleashing a "pandemic"? Now THAT could get them what [they] wanted. Computer modeling and played out scenarios told them so. [See Event 21 for example]

[They] couldn't unseat, defeat, nor impeach President Donald J. Trump. They [they] could not resist and smear Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court where he might be instrumental in overturning Roe vs. Wade. They tried and tried so hard and they attacked him so thoroughly, but they still couldn't rail-road the man. Not with the whole birth of their #metoo movement or with phony 40-year old baseless accusations, but, they certainly could shut down a nation with a pandemic. Rachael Notley and her horde of extremely well-paid mud-slingers, with the aid of our Canadian national band of MSM apologists, hand paid, spoon-fed by her and Trudeau couldn't win Alberta in an election, but the pandemic could give them all they were looking to do. Coincidences? Perhaps. I truly hope so. But understandably, anyone could be understood to wonder.

I think population control, big-government, a new world order, one government-regulated religion, speech-control, digital commerce, chip-driven ID and financial transactions based on crypto-currencies are all very reasonable ideas that are being driven by those who thirst for power, control and are presently on the agenda. And I think it not at all "madness" to suggest that this arguably "man-made" virus is another tool in the war for a one-world organization or government. I also think there will be a special place in hell for those who for price or power, had any hand in bringing these pains and sorrows to pass.

No way, In no world, should these people ever get to lead or direct us in, through, nor beyond this pandemic. They are not trust-worthy, and they are too evil, ambitious and have an agenda that ends in the destruction of decent thought and lifestyle. We already know this to be true. We've seen the exposes of recent times. Don't be fooled. Do you practice safe distancing? Practice safe thinking too. Empower those who cherish the lives we have, the heart and soul of our communities and those traditions we've enjoyed for centuries. Don't get carried away with any pundit or politician looking to change everything. Including genders, end the lives of the unborn, or give the government(s) supreme global powers in the name of security. That's just the old lie coming around again. "Hi, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you. You may trust me." Don't be conned. My votes are going to the sane and reasonable.

There should be a "get back to normal" initiative, not an "adopt a new-normal" effort.

There has to be a return to normalcy for those who have been locked down for so long. It's driving many to suicide. There really should be a "get back to normal" initiative, not an "adopt a new-normal" effort. No way! The death toll yet to be counted, just of late dawning on the populace and being considered these days is the suicide rates. -- Which are a direct result of the lock-down of perfectly, otherwise, healthy folks! They are starting to crack under the stresses and pressures that arise from lost jobs, lost homes, lost businesses, destroyed families. Ultimately allowing the cure, to be worse than the flu, only increases the insidiousness of the whole issue. I think Trump said it first, and, it's true! This is an irony we must resist, repair if possible, and monitor closely from here on out.

Wake up, people, wake up. The insane left can NOT be handed the reigns in this pandemic! We should rather be nearing a post-pandemic turning point. The way I see it, it's far past the time for adults to return to the lead.

Think about it.



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