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PANDEMIC | More Political than Medical



I try to let people know that the logic behind politicizing any influenza or purposefully exploiting any health issue and conflating it into "pandemic proportions" is a "globalist" affair using fear, to motivate people into giving up their freedoms. I call on everyone to take the COVI-C19 seriously, of course, to reduce the spread of the flu, but not BLINDLY, to the measure that, you are tricked-coerced-forced into joining alongside the globalist crew's one-world government, or one-world religion's agenda. I urge you to be careful.

During times like these be on the guard, be wise. Practice lawful, and reasonable health maintenance but hold your freedoms sacrosanct. I can remember the early church martyrs and faithful who held onto their faith and bible-convictions in the face of mounting pressures, threats of imprisonment and executions. Don't ever be lulled back into returning to become sheep led to slaughter.

I am even recommending you follow this link and go read his excellent new post -- from my friend Marc Brisbois over at


In his latest release, published from WATCHMAN CHRONICLES a new post put out today, (Friday, March 27th) titled "The New Religious War", Marc Brisbois shows us he really gets it! Here is one pastor that is not blindly closing his eyes and just allowing himself to be led around by the WHO (World Health Organization) on the basis of all their claims. You know, that phrase, "Trust but Check?" Yes, this comes to my mind here. Big time!

No! Not the WHO or the UN (United Nations), the NWO (new world order), or even those big-pharma agents or big-military agents, or especially the big-money folks, NO! These organizations and special interest groups should certainly not be dictating to Canadians, what our laws need to be or our policies without being checked, then double-checked, then checked again.

It is vital, extremely important, that we don't just turn off our brains, letting them lead us around as the only experts, because when it comes right down to it, they don't have a right spirit. That is the heart of this truth. Really, when you get right down to it, their historic agenda is, always has been, and always will be, downright frightening! Our most challenging task will, of course, be in presenting the truth in such a way as to be believable without being painted, too "conspiracy-theorist-y."

Marc Brisbois points out a vital flaw in the mentality of a radical left that fanatically labors to disenfranchise Christians/Christianity, or even just everyday socially-conservative Canadians at every level of society. Marc treats us to a good essay exposing their blatant hypocrisy suggesting to my way of thinking that they are actually "hating religion... religiously!" Those on the left end of our political spectrums, red-tory, extreme libertarians, or aggressive-progressives, call them what you will. I simplify and characterize them pretty exclusively as those operating from an anti-Christ stance. It's important we recognize that and keep it in mind as our whole wide world rears back in the face of a "global pandemic".

I agree entirely with Marc's latest post, and highly recommend you read "The New Religious War". His many articles and Marc's other publications, that can be found at THE WATCHMAN CHRONICLE highly worth browsing and reading.

Marc's work offers those sound moral, ethical or principled conservatives and Christians alike a healthy and pragmatic perspective. His writing shines light on this subject and many others. Take for instance the Western Alienation Canadians, are suffering, or WEXIT, or Western Independence and the "Firewall Culture. There are some excellent resources that have been birthed from the think-tanks of our nation, prayer efforts for our nation. Many current affairs are addressed there and you can also find links or contacts and information on getting active with initiatives we need to address as Canadians too.

He is one of the rare Christian Authors I know who is boldly "going there", not fearing to tackle political subjects as a Christian leader and mentor to many. Myself included.

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