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politicians are the problem with politics


In the current leadership race for the CPC, one lady is making waves. This, despite having not been, confessedly, a career politician. Some members of the party are attempting to make hay against her and are criticizing her over this. I think such criticism is entirely unfair, but also unwarranted.

Dr. Lewis' career achievements clearly show a brilliance, and that this dynamic and wholly capable contender catches on quite quickly. But my question to her critics though, is, how is this so-called "lack of political polish" if there is a lack, a problem? It is my opinion the recency aspect of political adventure only makes her a much more worthy and desirable candidate actually. Want to know why?

It's simple. Because if you think it through, any lack of experience as an MP bodes well for what it points out, it clearly means she is unscathed by the mire of any entrenched bureaucracy. THAT is a check in the column for all of us since it also suggests she has not become beholden in any of the usual "the way things work around here" - "nesses" and this could easily be extrapolated to boast of her having no real knowledge of whose back she should scratch and who she can offer her back to, to be scratched, without getting a knife stuck in it! And that is a mighty good thing.

Besides this, after her excellent run and obtaining the votes she did back in 2015 in her uphill battle within the GTA, (when Stephen Harper appointed her as a replacement candidate to run the riding of Scarborough Rouge Park) no-one can deny that as a politician, she will be a serious, and undeniable force to be reckoned with.

Dr. Leslyn Lewis is in good company as an un-political-ish politician, for example, Mulroney, who turned out to win many hearts and left able to boast of a very successful term delivering major economic reforms held as popular by many and GST.

Hey, remember that Donald Trump fella? Remember how he had no real political pedigree either? Yet he arguably made America great again.

It takes character to lead well, I feel like it's safe to say she has plenty. Why anyone would care much about making this out to be an issue, given the present political environment or the several fiascos our current regime is responsible for is beyond me. Besides, it's evident from her past accomplishments, that Dr. Leslyn Lewis possesses entrepreneurial savvy, and grit, (she did start a whole new life in Canada after her family immigrated from Jamaica, which is no small feat) and is a brilliant and capable woman. Her successful Canadian law practice should show the reticent that she's able to go toe to toe with anything opposition can launch at or about her.


Just take a few minutes, and look around the web, there is a lot known about her life and career. And it all looks amazing. it's easy enough to get the sense that she is one sharp lady. We need a business mind like her's in our PM's office. That would be a nice change. Her lack of MP experience only means she is not beholden to the "old-boys" club. And that could easily mean she will have an opportunity to do it [politics] right. Dr. Lewis has work/publications that have been "peer-reviewed" and she's attained not only a Law Doctorate and a thriving law practice but held concentrations in environment and business during her scholarly pursuits. This is EXACTLY the sort of resume we need to compare against the resume of our "drama-teacher" who sits in the PM's office presently. Give me a break. Enough said.

Though her labors in her environmental study were world-class, she never succumbed to climate alarmism. Wow. Impressive. And if all those chat-thread clashes we've all had on Facebook with existential climate crisis advocates has taught us anything, it should be that our country could do well to have someone with her head on straight about the environment leading us forward at this time. Yes, a "global law scholar" sounds pretty refreshing right now, far better than any "drama-teacher". Just read her bio. Incredible. You can find that here.

No, she is not at all unqualified to go to battle in question period, nor will she lack in political savvy when she tends to Canadian governance I'm sure. If I were you, and I sort of am, I wouldn't/won't believe all the hype her opponents or their pundit's dish out about her "not having the political experience". That's just hype and more politics, and on its face laughable.

I for one would like to see someone in the PM's office that is there because their moral compass is pointed in the right direction. That is there to make things better. She will have a team. A whole host of bureaucrats to aid with policy and governance, so her lack of service as an MP is a totally moot point.

I believe, given what we can see in regards to her character, she is by far, [as in quantum leaps] ahead of her opponents as our best hope to remain principled, and soundly guided by her ethics while in the Prime Minister's office, [provided she becomes our candidate by winning the leadership race of the party] to make Canada a better place than it presently is, and I for one am quite refreshed at the prospect of having a decent leader with a little moral-backbone and who I believe I can trust to retain her common sense while appearing in the running for leadership of the CPC party.

To say the least, we will be in for an amazing debate along the road to our next federal election should we see her win the leadership race and become our Prime Minister hopeful. I think it would be just "swell" to watch her take apart Mr. Justin "Scandalous" Trudeau, piece by piece in a debate. Of course, that's only "if" he'd have the guts to climb onto any platform with her.


I have an article inside my heart which I never did get to write. Well, wait, that's not entirely true, let me clarify. I wrote it, back before I closed down my online paper TNT | The New Telegraph, but my editors felt it was too politically charged and "angry" sounding to publish as it was. So these guys "fixed" it, oh man. Their edits were lousy. Really, really, terrible. Miles away, and a complete departure from anything I had written. Now, to respect their fears over it, and to their credit, my rendering did sound angry, but the truth is I WAS angry. So was every single Candian I personally talked with about that election of 2019. Canadians were beyond sick of Justin Trudeau, and the reality is that the loss of that election exploded the very next day into a new and rapidly surging unstoppable tidal-wave of separation ideologies, much more than simple sentiments. That election loss changed our country forever, and not in any good way. Was I mad when I wrote? You bet your life I was. And I still am. Well, anyway, they proceeded to liberally edit and then publish my piece without providing it to me for any final read review or further input about "my article". Their final cut, of course, was nothing at all like what I wanted to say. I proceeded to at least re-edit it, despite having already had the "publish" button pushed, but I needed to at least bring it back around to the ball-park of what I wanted to write. Then, of course, that final version was not at all what I wanted also and by the way, did indeed earn me buckets of animosity and rage from my then colleagues, but at least it was something I could live with.

Why am I talking about this now? Good question, you see, I was convinced I understood the real reasons we lost that election, and nobody wanted my version of those events published. Some day I'm going to sit down and pound that article out properly, (maybe a book even) but for now, I'll just go back to the essence of my larger point related to the last Canadian federal election of 2019.

Right up until the last day of that election, I remained purposefully, and cautiously optimistic that should conservatives, and especially social conservatives, remain united, we could have won a majority and resoundingly defeated Trudeau's Liberals.

I believe we [conservatives] could have handily won the 2019 Canadian Federal Election. We could have had a majority conservative government instead of more Mr. fancy-socks. Of course, in the end, the reasons why we didn't win, are many for sure, but I believe the most overlooked of them all was the failure of Conservatives to unite across the nation, recognize the dire essentiality of pulling together uniting around the center of the spectrum with the walk-aways, and defeating Justin Trudeau at the ballot box.

Chiefly, I blamed, and still do, Mr. Bernier for that. Wrong time to launch "his own" party and failing to recognize a greater good that urgently needed his support. It would have been better to throw his base's support behind Andrew Sheer and at least defeat Trudeau first, sheesh, I may have even voted for Bernier next time around. But the only issue and campaign needed to be based on getting rid of another Trudeau. Mr. Bernier messed with that mojo. I hope we learn better for the next election.

I am pretty convinced that "if" on the day Mr. Scheer won the leadership race of the CPC, and Mr. Bernier preceded to congratulate him and collegially shook his opponent's hand and promised, while looking the winner in the eye, stating that he "looked forward to working with him in the days ahead", and conceded he'd won fair and square, that "if", Mr. Bernier were more of a stand-up kind of guy about it than a slippery scheming "politician" about it, we could have stayed a lot of the national madness we ended up having to deal with continually coming out of the PM's office every day since.

No, I have less than zero interest in having "just another politician" in Canada's Prime Minister's office. Just another "old-boy", who knows his place at the table, how to get along, and more concerned with making a career of surviving by going along with the status quo. Give me a leader. If we don't get a true leader, I'll be turning my efforts to lobbying for independence.


Hey, we have the pandemic now! That is going to be challenging to deal with. All these evolutions to new-norms, social-distancing, masks. In all of it, we can't fail to watch out for diversions surely to arise out of the left.

But more so, one thing we specifically DO-NOT need, that we HIGHLY must avoid is allowing any peddling of election promises/plans and strategies designed for politicizing the COVID-19 plague. We need to prevent the commerce of pandemic politics.

Rather, we need to remain focused on the ONE MOST CRUCIAL goal all Canadians have, and that is the defeat of Trudeau. This is our must, to see the defeat of the Liberals and prevent the pseudo-cons, or the CINOs (Conservative In Name Onlies) from hijacking our next window of opportunity to end the reign of PMJT and his crew of cronies on election day.

The next election, like the last, is going to be decided by the silent majority, again. A silent majority, who, as before, had -- had-enough -- of fancy-socks, black-face, JWR scandals, ethics violations, "taking Indian-assassins" to Indian soirees, and acting like a complete fool in public. and now the exploitation of the horrors of the recent pandemic, subsequent lock-down, and abuse of our civil-liberties arising as opportunities for the left to move goalposts, etc., etc., etc.

The silent majority was ready to make their mark on a ballot for anyone they could stomach other than Mr. Trudeau. I'm pretty certain about that. and now we have a wonderful candidate that should check many boxes for anyone tired of the endless identity politics and outright insanity of recent government in Canada.

Unfortunately, that silent majority were left without a unified Conservative Party the last time, that they could stomach. Period. They were left with two combatants that left us. me, you, and the silent majority that we all talk about, looking for someone else to vote for.


Well finally, I think we all have someone now we can feel very positive about getting behind. Dr. Lewis will suit many, perfectly as someone we can all love to put our Voting mark on. Or actually her representative of the party, since we don't actually vote "for" our candidate.

She promises voters everywhere and especially to that silent majority some sound moral moorings and some ethical principals upon which to base their vote.

The last election, those important walk-away voters from the left, got a huge dose of the nasty political meat grinder and had to watch as Mr. Bernier and Mr. Scheer hurled mud back and forth. Our next election is going to face the same challenges that the 2019 election did. That's a given. Who to trust, who to believe.

But this time we will need to make it about more than just "some sensible political resume that looks good on paper", but promises no changes, and more of the same Justin has given us. No, this time, we need a candidate with character, who will leave all the PC culture crap behind and who says what they mean, means what they say, and is beholden to no political current below the surface.

We need this new candidate to provide some fresh hope, some optimism and a distinct absence of politically-weighted decisions that were wrested in back rooms with shrouded agendas full of long-standing tit-for-tat arrangements that milk the latest social issues or identity politics or virtue-signaling for all their worth, at the cost of doing the right thing.

From what I have seen so far, this lady is it. I am looking forward to learning more about her and what her platform will be. And the debates. I am so eager for those debates.

I'm actually getting the impression that Ms. Lewis, Dr. Leslyn Lewis, will be about more than politics as per usual, I think she is someone with a great vision for Canada, and the gumption to accomplish what she is setting out to do. We'll be keeping an eye on this one.



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