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What irony

I have listened to many men of my own party, the Conservative Party of Canada, throughout many of Alberta's political circles including those of our local CA -- mouthing off all of the catchphrases they've learned that deride candidates who are known, principled, social-conservatives. The gist of what I'll be getting at in a moment could most easily be articulated by referencing Peter Mackay's own words aimed at Andrew Scheer about a "Stinking Albatross". If you watched last night's French Debate held for the CPC's Leadership race in Toronto, it was covered on CPAC, you'd likely have heard Mr. O'Toole referencing that "albatross thing". Not surprising from a man who supports abortion so vehemently as we heard him emphatically explain to Quebecers too.

Heartily held sentiments that you can easily extrapolate from those anti-so-con proponents with their many industrious team members and campaign managers. The sponsors, the candidate's would-be strategists, right on down the line to the political hacks and social justice warriors who all think they are just so smart and who think that they know "exactly how to win an election"! But with anti-social-conservative attitudes, I'm certain they don't. When you get down to it, it's best to hold true and proudly to your own personal convictions and values. That's how any election worth winning, should be won.

Many of those professional campaign workers are cringing over the entire subject of being socially conservative because they have subscribed to the same lies that motivate Justin Trudeau as he rules now. It's ironic that the MOST, undisputed, undeniable, unrelenting issues that plague our society today do so because those that are making the decisions and those activists screaming the loudest have zero social conservative values. (Yes, I'm doing the whole lowering my head and shaking it slowly right now just like your Facebook emoji guy does) Here, I'll even throw you my shruggie dude too... This guy! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Have you looked around lately? Do you know that the problems in Canada stem from lies, crimes, and deceits? This whole out of control Liberal government is an evil disingenuous deceptive, thieving immoral regime who is staging every intervention and tactic to remain unfairly, undemocratically, and unduly in power right now. Terrible to think that a conservative version is on deck getting ready to swing for the fence in the PM race who are no better at all.

And you think items of a "social conservative" nature are not what need fixing right now? Wake up! Time for you to smell the coffee!

And you think items of a "social conservative" nature are not what need fixing right now? Wake up! Time for you to smell the coffee!

There is nothing of more importance than getting a socially conservative leader elected right now in this whole nation. All while crying about being tired of hearing social conservative values, the political pundits frantically spin their career moves trying to make any successful run for Prime Minister about "other things". Here are our "all things political" geniuses sitting around in all their consultancy-splendor and surely feeling like real big shots playing in the big game of national politics and what do they chime? "Oh, social conservatism is going to tank the party".

Another good one: "The election is won in the East", (thank you un-fair-representation-for-the-West, btw, for that one) "Quebec is tired of hearing about abortion and anti-LGBTQ?+ themed rhetoric that denies people their rights to just do whatever they want to do". We should normalize the invention of new genders, legalize weed, cocaine, or other pills for recreative use and allow pedophiles to be with young children because they can't help who they love. We should also make bathrooms available to anyone who wants to go in, even men into women's bathrooms..." etc... Canada desperately needs socially-conservative leadership in our PMO.

Hello, somebody? The steady decline of our nation's populace's failing moral character is entirely the result of people and their politicians' deciding that "social issues", and a "conservative approach" to any of its associated ideologies -- should be left behind!

Why? I think it's because no one wants to get left behind in this world. Populism, and the "trend". Yes, social media streaming content all paints an exciting modern hedonistic picture of personal bliss. An impossible nirvana where all things are free, government gives everyone what they want and It would be more modern, and more socially acceptable to promote all taboos that people are into. Give people what they want! That's what politicians do!

Today's politicians have no real concept of what dignities and treasures lay behind the foundations of what they decry, and so they just can't get it. The immense value of our morals and our ideological values, truthfulness, ethical choices are being lost by many.

The "new ideas" almost always promoted, regardless of, how painful the roads back from gender-reassignment might be for some; "all too young person" who was swept up in comprehendible hopes that maybe a change of gender might make life better somehow. In actuality, they were not another gender, just vulnerable to being caught up in a new fad and unprotected from it.

Especially heartbreaking for the vulnerable since their adult care-givers and social engineers have demanded those vulnerable peoples be made to go through it. Dangerous, dangerous fads for many. Still, our "pro-new-norms" acolytes believe those taboos should be their new norms. Or actually rather imposing on us all their "new norms" and seeing to it with the help of sold-out unethical liberal politicians that those new norms are encased in law, despite the costs.


And then there is the "Pandemic". Nations flounder in seas of social and economic carnage largely made unfathomably more complex because our society has been lied to by those we've elected to protect us during this shady state of global emergency. The economy is ruined because people in Wuhan lied about CORONAVIRUS. Lies, many corruptions, and deceits. And you don't think it's time for upping our social conservative values? Oh, poor, poor, deceived person! Listen, it's high past time we return to some sanity!

The many "Health Administrations" at large within our world, i.e. the W.H.O., as well as those within the USA (Anthony Fauci) or here in Canada (Theresa Tam) all play politics with the pandemic. I was an early proponent that this event was much more political than medical and I called it. Now we have seen so many shining examples that that was the correct call.

Pandemic exploiters abound, entirely dishonest about the information that could have prevented further destruction, just for gain. In light of all the past corruption, who could possibly deny that some moral soundness and goodly principled character can, if a social conservative candidate is elected to the Prime Minister's Office, take us a long way towards healing? Who? Who could deny that? No-One!

We need someone more truthful, more grounded in their values than political, a person who is unafraid to tout their integrity, and in possession of a grand work ethic, and someone, most importantly, that is very unlike Justin Trudeau.

Be it the misinformation about the Chinese virus and the cover-ups as real news would break to the masses, or be it, "masks need to be worn, masks don't need to be worn"! Or wait, I really liked this one, "Asymptomatic people are a huge danger in spreading this!" Then it surfaced that that was a lie. Not just mistaken thinking but lies. It turned out that the potential for spread from Asymptomatic people was minuscule, and we could have, or the authorities should have prescribed as a remedy that we shelter in place our vulnerable and not punish the healthy! But noooo. No, no, no! That didn't fit their narrative and wouldn't have gotten them what they really wanted. Global control.

If you really think the right way forward in this nation is to keep playing politics hoping the end will justify the means? Then you are grossly mistaken. And if you really subscribe to the lie that "Social Conservatism" is old, out-dated, and backward thinking? Well, then let me just say you are actually a large part of the problem. more than anything else. If that's you, you need to wake up and get your thinking cap on straight!

Our country needs a break from all those hip, cool, savvy, and tech-smart modern thinkers and to now allow the persons of real moral fiber and character get to fixing this mess we are in. Even if that person is a Woman. Even if that woman was born in Jamaica, and raised in Canada. Especially if that woman is presently willing to stand in service to... "we, the people" of this great nation of Canada!



And now please allow me to sum up my article declaring directly my point!

It's this, we are absolutely in this mess because of an out of control liberal regime led by a man initially celebrated for having nice hair, and who was a so-called "hip-dude, with fancy socks and his modern ideas" -- completely absent of any moral character or a back-bone but that didn't matter. Why? Because he's beyond that old-outdated thinking on social issues? Because he's got "liberal ideas"? Did the nation as a whole become convinced they'd like that? Maybe. Well, how's that turned out for us? And now he thinks he's too smart to be stopped. Well, we need to bring this nightmare to a close.

The man and his cohort of scallywags have tossed aside the restraints of social conservatism that could have then, and still can now, paired alongside smart fiscal conservatism, allowed us to avoid a lot of the heart-aches we Canadians have been made to witness recently, and the many hardships we are now poised to bear shortly as our soon coming future surely unravels. Unless we deal now, with the moral decay that stems from disregarding our social conservative values.



Paul George, Writer, Columnist.

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