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who should i vote for

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


We constantly hear about the "degrees of conservativeness" of candidates in the electoral race that contend to become our new Prime Minister in Canada. The field is admittedly limited. The number of those who are appearing on the scene to vie for leadership of the Canadian Conservatives are few so far. Do I like the choices that I am seeing? Well, let me say I was thrilled to hear that Pierre Poilievre intended to run, I was a little crushed on the day I heard him announce he was not.

I was crushed because ever since we've had Justin Trudeau foil the task of leadership in our Canadian national policies, administrations, and government, I have felt that we needed a true "character". Someone, not PC, akin to the messaging we heard from Maxime Bernier. He turned out not to pass the mustard for me personally, but still, I am desperate to see someone contend who speaks the truth, nevermind clever politispeak. Trumpian? Ok, I'd take it. Just someone who really cares about everyday people without screaming any beholden messaging and virtue-signals to any special interest groups

I am personally affected whenever I look south. Whenever I look to the USA, I have felt a sense, both of excitement, witnessing the US President, Donald J. Trump, with his abject rejection of political correctness, because I like that. Maybe you do to. It's the kind of thing that Canadians need because we've become lost in political correctness. And the second thing I feel is hope, that Canadians might find such a parallel character as POTUS 45 to take our Prime Minister's office with a similar un-PC-ness, and little saavy, a strength, some true-grit, and good business sense, putting Canada and our prosperity first too.

I thought maybe Mr. Poilievre would be or might have been, that guy. I even was fond of describing him to people as "our version of The US's Trey Gowdy, or Jim Jordon." Which, if you never followed American politics and are unfamiliar with the railroading of Justice Brett Kavanaugh or Russian/Ukrainian collusion scandals, then my comparison will be lost on you. If you do get it though, you might know what I'm comparing. It's in the way Mr. Poilievre went after Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau to make them accountable. He was fearless and displayed serious capability. I would have loved to see him become our PM.


I've been watching our political contenders for the CPC emerge with great interest, and a thought is growing on me, I am starting to realize that instead of making a case for any individual's bid for leadership, it may be more important instead, that we spend our efforts rather asking the question "what kind of person we need to be voting for, and speaking the answers!

Do we want any leader who puts the UN, that un-elected group of globalists with their self-serving policies like carbon-tax punishment and fossil fuel eradication religion, or existential climate crisis exploitation platforms, among everything else that they represent first? Do we want such delegation of their own priorities to be put -- ahead -- of Canada's own interests, prosperity and success? No. We sure don't. Then we better take a close look at any candidate's attitude towards a seat at the UN, to whom, Canada could fall to third-world status and we'd just be another failed nation like Venezuala to them. Hey, and if we don't get the right person for this job, a good, strong, capable, Canada-First leader in this process, the concept of our becoming another communist nation is a growing possibility too.

Or do we want a leader that crumbles to the "modernization of thought" on issues like gender, abortion, and thought-patrol? Among who, are gone, the ideas and ideals of traditional family values and the freedoms of religious worship and association. Do we want a leader who will rise to their office on the coat-tails of populism and identity politics? One who will pander to extreme leftist dogmas and subversive factions in the names of inclusion or political correctness, or even perhaps blind ambition and the pursuit of absolute power? Well, some might, but I sure don't.

Are Erin O'Toole or Peter McKay the only ones who have a shot? Maybe!

Those in the know are suggesting the contest will come down to the two, but there are others in the running already. And maybe we will see more before June's election for the CPC leader. My vote will go to the one with the most character and to whomever, I believe sincerely holds the truest conservative values.

Canadians are the sincerest of people, our marked kindnesses and reputation for being nice needs to give way to being prudent, responsible, informed and decisive. This is a time for research, paying attention and confrontation. Let's go Canada!

A GREAT EXAMPLE - "is being pro-life REALLY aN Albatross around anyone's neck"?

Let's stop here [for a moment] and take the topic of abortion for an instance. To me, in my own humble opinion, this should be a simple-to-navigate political position, yet many who looking for our leader, say it's an "Albatross around anyone's neck". I believe that's what I have actually heard it called. And that if you are pro-life and vocal about it, you are somehow as outdated as those who take issue, or won't subscribe to the politics that surround gay marriage, another critical and controversial subject that we will save for another day. Simply put, abortion ends a life. This is an abhorrent thought or should be, to any ethical being. That is if you are anyone who gets that life is sacred. Who believes it's precious.

Christians, like me, for example, understand and profess that we are spirit beings who have a soul, and live in a body. The body dies and the spirit remains. The bible teaches that God created our spirit and knew us before we were even in our mother's womb. Now, I get that not all people agree with my statements here. And that is okay. I get it, we all have different ideas, but a common ground we can all share, I think, is that life -- is precious!

The running sentiment in politico is that abortion is a closed issue. And I know it is to some, but to a great many, it is not at all closed. Political candidates could cite, like Mr. Sloan, to name one, or back in the last election, Mr. Scheer or many others that their faith informs their position on abortion. That sounds alright and good, but I want to say I prefer a stronger stance! I would prefer an individual who is motivated by their personal conviction and defense of life here. If you don't believe the life of a child, even the early stages of that life, as it forms in the womb is precious and defendable, then I simply don't want you leading me anywhere I need to go. And, I plan on reflecting that position with my votes.

I will be looking for someone who stands up for what they believe in not because it's popular, but because it's the right thing to do. Canadians, our voting populace, especially conservatives and moderate liberals, or even red/blue tory centrists need to cry aloud about this in the streets! (proverbial language here, as most social media and town hall meetings forums, etc., along with poll-takers, will do) Make it known that in our efforts to inclusively embrace, progressives, we don't wish to exclusively reject conventionalists either.

Think about this, when a pregnant woman suffers a condition that requires she terminate her pregnancy or else her life will be lost in the process of delivery, and her M.D. tells her it's her or the baby? Well, what a situation! And that basically becomes the measure often used to warrant "no laws against abortion". Fundamentally anyway in the many discussions, I've run into, with pro-choicers. That's the basic argument you always hear, but I submit, "that's not even an abortion". That is rather a medical condition that has turned a tragic crisis that presents when a cherished pregnancy turns into the mother needing to terminate her pregnancy. No one is happy about that reality in any situation like that. Not the doctor, not the medical staff, not the mother not the family. Nobody should ever "want" an abortion. I agree, there can never be laws made against abortion in this type of scenario, and I don't believe there has ever been anyone who thought there should be. But the hypotheticals rage on, making arguments for abortion.

The reality is that in the scope of abortion in general, I believe I'm safe to say the medically mandatory, crisis-related ones are only a small fraction of those performed. In the above case, the decisions in those dark hours are best left to the woman, her doctor, her family, and God. No one can make a law against this. But, if you are proposing a law against abortions from pregnancies that are a result of loose-living, casual, or hip attitudes about sex and the life it can cause, abortions of convenience, or any situation where a woman plays the "it's my body, I'll do with it as I please" card? Sign me up! I doubt there could ever be any law that could be adequately written or enforced, but if one ever arises, I'd support it. These attitudes betray the ignorances they have for the sanctity of life. That little egg the little swimmers, then the zygote -- all sparks -- that is the conception, the beginning of someone's life, it's a sacred, sacred thing. And if the mother won't protect that process, that life, born, and growing inside of her? Then somebody outside of her needs to protect them.


There are other current issues that Canadians across this country have a myriad of strong feelings on and the policies that empower our sentiments or bind our rights are impacted by the nature and character of those who make it into our governing roles. We need to be out there, plugged in, and staying informed. We also need to stand up in the right places at the right time to speak truth in the halls, chambers and gathering places where leadership is born, broadcast and finally chosen or rather appointed.

In [Northern] Alberta, the bible-belt, abortion is an important issue, as are the politics of climate religion, the oil & gas, farming-ranching, pipelines and of course the situation of Western alienation. Albertans have spoken loud and clear and as a result, we are overwhelmingly a conservative province. There are seven or eight more provinces that are for smaller government and socially conservative ideas. Canada just needs to see the confidence of like-minded conservatives spread to the East. I think where we fail and alienate the moderate left, is in our overreaction to these incredibly important issues.


If we demand that our traditional values and ideas about family and marriages be protected and respected, but fail to protect the rights of others to make choices that are antithetical to our own ideologies, who are in same-sex marriages, or if we demand protection for our view of genders and respect for our right to consider sacrosanct the recognition of male and female, as the only human genders, but then fail to respect that others see themselves differently, or to protect them from genuine abuses for the views they hold and maybe even practice, we will be failing in the larger scope to build and protect a Canada that is truly a country of freedom, and the best country in the world. It's quite ironic, but it seems it must be one or the other. Tolerance for each other's differences appears is lost. I'm optimistic though, that we can get it back.

Political pundits, analysts, and hacks want to split us up into those differing groups who are either left or right. Or drill it down into a complexity without end expressed by tory red-blue, conservative/progressive, leftist, liberal, nontraditionalist, and a host of others that will ultimately form big, and bigger voting blocks.

Eager candidates want to surf the trend of those analytics to churn up an appeal to those largest blocks and divide until they have the numbers that equate a win. I am sick of the whole polarizing mess. In reality, what is needed is someone who will unite us. Someone who can bring their passion and skill together to keep a straight mind about the things that are important, such as life itself, in my above example, or like free-speech, also our owning a truly Canadian-identity that celebrates the ethical, the good, the greatest of ideas that we have historically labored to become a nation, founded upon.

I am optimistic that the majority of Canadians have good hearts, good heads on their shoulders and carry great ideals. I am also optimistic that we can recover our nation from the totalitarianists, the globalists, the radical, the haters, and the opportunists who would pillage our peace to quench their need to win. My vote is my super-power. My pen, (or keyboard actually) is my platform and I want to use it to reach as far as I can and impact you. We all need to figure out what we believe the strongest in, and then go to it, learning about what those who show up in our leadership races, might do to our values. We all need to really research them and their own principles or lack thereof, and use our super-power to vote for the best of candidates. Due diligence, share your findings, influence those around you, contend for what is right, and help to ultimately choose a leader who will be for the people, by the people.



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